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Alex Bennett

Alex Bennett

In 2012, former England A and Saracens player, Alex Bennett, suffered a serious neck injury while playing for his local team, Lymm RFC. He was immediately transferred to Leeds Hospital for emergency spinal surgery.

“I woke up from surgery ventilated, hallucinating and not able to move a thing. My immediate focus was on trying to breathe again as opposed to walk again. It was pretty dark.”

After an initial period of total paralysis, Alex has made a remarkable recovery. Originally confined to a wheelchair, he has learned to walk again and has now returned to working and family life. He will require ongoing financial and practical support to help him and his family adjust to the consequences of such a serious injury.

Restart Rugby has been able to help with physiotherapy costs and, in the true spirit of the rugby community, several members of England’s 2003 World Cup winning squad came together with current players to take part in a charity rugby match to raise funds for Alex and other injured players.