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Ed Williamson

Ed Williamson

In 2011, Ed Williamson was on the verge of starting an exciting new chapter in his life. Having played at Newcastle Falcons for over ten years, he was about to relocate with his family to play rugby in France. Having just recovered from a broken back, Ed believed his problems were behind him and he was focused on playing well and signing a new contract. All this changed when, during his comeback match, his hand was crushed in a tackle.

“I didn’t really notice it at first, but I found out later that I had dislocated two knuckles and snapped a joint.

I’d overcome much worse injuries in the past, so I wasn’t too worried initially. I had surgery, but the pain wouldn’t go away.”

A check-up revealed that both joints had collapsed and the tendon had started to deteriorate. The doctor advised that the pain was only going to get worse and that Ed was unlikely to play rugby ever again.

“When I woke up that morning I was a professional player looking forward to a new life in France. By lunchtime my career was finished. It came as a huge shock, I just wasn’t prepared for it.”

With a young family to support, Ed found himself working several jobs round the clock to make ends meet. The family were struggling emotionally and financially, so they contacted Restart Rugby for help. With our funding Ed was able to seek further medical advice and a second opinion that would ultimately revive his career. A specialist surgeon was able to repair the damage and, ten months after being told his career was over, Ed was cleared to play again. In 2012 he was signed by London Welsh.

“If it wasn’t for Restart Rugby I simply wouldn’t be playing rugby, that’s for sure. I couldn’t afford to pay for the operation on my hand. We were struggling financially and they stepped in and helped us out. There simply aren’t words to describe the thanks my family and I owe them.”

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