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World class concussion management system launched

October 16th, 2014

Lewis Moody has backed a new initiative to help manage concussion in the professional game in England.

The Rugby Football Union, Premiership Rugby and the Rugby Players Association have worked together to launch major changes to the way the risk of concussion is managed across the professional game in England.

Focusing specifically on concussion awareness and education, game day management and the graduated return to play for those players who have suffered a concussion the programme includes a new mandatory online concussion awareness module that will be required to be completed by all registered professional players, coaches and referees within a two month period.

And former England captain, Moody says: “Concussion is an important issue in rugby and the online module for players is a fantastic and simple way to educate them on the seriousness and the risk associated with the injury.”

The programme will be rolled out to all male registered Premiership Rugby and Championship players over 18 and contracted England Sevens players (which will cover all of the Elite Performance Senior Squad, Saxons and U20 players). In the women’s game, England representative players over the age of 18 (which will also cover England U20, Elite Performance Squad and Sevens players), coaches and referees will be asked to complete the course.

Failure to complete the 30-minute module will trigger automatic fines if the module is not completed by the required date. If a player or coach does not complete the module we have the ability to make a player or coach ineligible to play or coach until such time as they have completed it.

Moody added: “The key to changing attitudes and the culture around concussion is education at every level of the game and this cannot exclude those at the top of the sport.

“Players need to take their health and wellbeing seriously and I’m sure completing the module will increase their awareness and help further change the culture around concussion which everyone needs to buy into from grassroots to elite level.”